Today, when I got up my blood sugar was 8.1 this is still considered high because I have been told to aim for 7.5. 

Breakfast for me since diagnosis is usually 2 of the instant porridge sachets with a table-spoon of reduced sugar jam, (I don’t know how anyone else feels, but one of the sachets of instant porridge would not fill a hamster). You can find the nutritional information on Quaker Oats So Simple at http://www.quaker.co.uk/products/oat-so-simple-original.

 For the first time since my diagnosis, I forgot to bring my blood test kit to my day job, didn’t worry about it because my sugar was high to start with.  This would be the day that I am stressed and forget to eat anything on my first break.  By lunch time I was starting to be a little bit shaky.  For lunch I had a big tin of spaghetti hoops and a small wholemeal muffin. I was still feeling shaky about 15 minutes after eating this so I had 2 glucose tablets, a hot chocolate  from the vending machine and some Belvita breakfast biscuits. (These were in my work drawer from before diagnosis).  I haven’t been able to find the nutritional information on-line for these. I think my sugar must be very low because when I finished work and got home to test my sugar levels was only 8.3.

Needless to say, I didn’t get out for my walk on lunch time today. I will try to do ten minutes work on my excercise step tonight instead.

SEO stuff tonight will be just a recap of things already learned.


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