Today is better.

After my moaning yesterday, I am pleased to report I am in a better place today. I have plans to leave the career development until my next day off though. (This will be friday as it is my full weekend in for my day job).  It will be full steam ahead on Friday, as I have realised I am quite desperate to leave the pressure of my current job. It’s not the actual job I find hard, its the pressure of meeting targets and it seems as if quality is much less important.

Just a note on my blogging style, I will include links to nutritional information wherever I can.

The diabetes issue is still very confusing, I was told by the diabetes nurse that stress increases your blood sugar. I have found that stress reduces my blood sugar.  Today, I have had my normal breakfast, one half of a Nature Valley granola bar (I had the other half on my last break) For lunch I had an Uncle Ben’s Savoury Rice pouch   I have also had some Twiglets (25 grams) and a packet of Pom Bear crisps. So you would have thought my sugar would be at least at the ‘normal’ range after my counselling session. But no , not me, my level was lower than I would have expected at 5.4. I am hopeful that the DESMOND support programme can give me some more answers.

Only had half hour lunch today so didn’t get out for my walk but back on plan tomorrow.  Talking of plans, slimming world weigh in tomorrow, not sure how I have done, but has been two weeks since my last weigh in due to my shift pattern. I hope i have lost, but I find it hard to eat the super free foods as I am not keen on vegetables and have to restrict my fruit intake due to the natural sugars.

I have read a couple of articles, the first one because I think i may be in danger of becoming obessed with my blood sugar, and the second because I didn’t know all this about sugar. A word of caution though, I am not sure how accurate the information is, and how much sugar you would have to have to get all or any of the illnesses mentioned.

My plans for tonight is a steak dinner and a trip out to the pictures.

Well I am going to sign off for now. I will update again tomorrow.


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