Work – AKA Call Centre Hell

This morning I started my day by reading some blogs. I identified with this one. The Secret Diary Of A Call Centre. I have worked in 2 different call centres over the last 8 years or so. For the last 2 years I have been on constant development plans for my call stats. It’s hard for people who have not experienced this type of work to imagine the feeling of utter hopelessness you can descend into while chained to your desk (with your headset, not literally chains, although, I am sure if some of our Team Leaders thought they could get away with it…..). It is soul-destroying as an agent to be one of those who spends their day at work wishing that the people who call me would hurry up and get off the phone. I am on a development plan you know! Especially, when I started this type of work to engage with people. One of the things we are judged on in our quality assessments is building report, yet we are to have an average talk time of less than 3 minutes 30 per call. I am planning my escape!

Now I guess its time for me to shed some light on my thoughts on a topical topic.

I have been torn about whether or not to write about Margaret Thatcher’s funeral. Trouble is, I am not sure where I would start. So many issues, so little space on the World Wide Web to write about them. Lets make a list of my top three internal debates:

1: To protest or Not to Protest? that is the question. Although I absolutely agree with the right to protest about any issue at any time, I cannot help but feel a little disturbed about protesting at a funeral. I mean, it’s not going to change the policies she forced on us. It’s not going to reopen any of the mines she closed, nor is it going to cure the rickets that now abound in this country because she took the free milk from school children in the 80s. She is still a mother and grandmother whose family will want to mourn in peace. Doesn’t every family deserve the time to say goodbye to their loved ones? It wasn’t her children and grandchildren that made the big mistakes in politics.

2: Cost? Should we, the tax paying public pay for her funeral? I can see both sides. I did not agree with her politics, however she was the first female Prime Minister. As a country, we are pretty much broke, yet we find money for people who do not work and are worried that they might have to move house as the benefits they receive may no longer cover their rent. Well my husband and I both work full-time and both earn below the national average, if we had a choice we wouldn’t live in the area we are in now. On a plus side to having a ceremonial funeral in London, as macabre as it sounds, it will bring the tourists out in force. Boom day for the shops and transport links in London, think of the extra money that could be made on the congestion charge alone.

3: Celebrate the life of an iconic Briton….Or not. Does she deserve the pomp and ceremony that this funeral will provide? I can’t decide.  There are so many different reasons for and against. Was she the most successful British feminist? Or  did she damage the feminist movement by abandoning all the attributes considered feminine in order to succeed in a male orientated world, thus proving, that to be the most successful politician you have to adopt male traits and disregard what it is to be female? Then again, who is to say what male and female attributes are, because this has changed greatly since her heyday in the 80s anyway.

Love her or hate her,  she has certainly left her mark on British history for better or worse you decide.


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