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I haven’t done much towards my new career lately. This is set to change. I have some reading planned in for over the weekend and I   may draft my first article.

How am I feeling today? Well, work is still getting me down. I just think it should be more about quality rather than quantity. Emotionally and mentally, this leaves me drained, because I am getting coached on how to avoid giving full and frank explanations to our customers. One of the great tips I was given today, was not to pause when talking to the customer – I am like most other call centre drones and I am HUMAN! I  need to pause for breath when talking on the phone or I will get breathless, (that would make for a whole different type of call). The manager who was coaching me,  saw this untimely (before I died) pause for breath as a chance for the customer to question the amount of refund she was due, which was less than she expected due to the inclusion of a cancellation fee. On the plus side, my quality is excellent, it’s just a shame I must have my quality coached out of me to achieve productivity.

I was looking for a topic that was not me to write about and I came across this blog on Freshly Pressed Ponder This: Ethics Vs Art.

I have had a similar, long running (although friendly) debate with a now sadly missed very dear friend. The subjects of our discussions were not on such a serious issue as the one raised here, I would argue (rather pointlessly) about the difference between art and craft.

Anyway, I digress, my original reason for posting a comment on this blog, is I have very strong opinions on the way images of victims of disasters are used to sensationalize news stories. Do we really need pictures of seriously hurt children and adults to prove there were casualties in bombings or natural disasters?

I absolutely  believe that the media has its place in  ensuring that news and information reaches the masses, so we can make informed choices about lifestyle, political and social issues and give aid and support where it’s needed. I cannot however, agree with the use of these images when it is clear that the people involved are not able to provide consent to their image being used in this way. If it was me, I would not want my image to be used in this way, I would be heart-broken if some one used an image of me on a stretcher in a news story.

Rant over.

On a lighter note, I have just watched Wonders of Life, with professor Brian Cox. No, he was not in my living room with me, I meant he was in the program.  The introduction of the program said he was going to investigate the elements that made life on earth possible. I looked at my husband and said “if he does not mention fairy dust, he lies” My husband was not amused. I laughed. I think, he thought, I was serious!

Night night one and all.


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