My Saturday

Yesterday, I  attended the Cabin Crew Selection Day preparation course that was led by Sarah and Leigh from First Class Crew Training.

The course was held in a large room with tea and coffee facilities. There was plenty of space and the layout of the room was perfect.

Leigh came to the reception to take me into the course room. He was friendly and welcoming, as was Sarah when we entered the room. We were greeted with some warm up exercises, which were related to the skills needed for cabin crew. The picture brain teasers were fun and set the tone for the whole day.

The course started on time. There were pens, work books and note paper on the table for each of the attendees. Health and safety/housekeeping was covered at the beginning of the day.

The Ice Breaker was a great idea, and it encouraged us to be out of our seats and we learned a bit about each other.

Sarah and Leigh seemed to adapt the course to suit the need of the attendees, because we all knew what we needed to know about pay and the life of cabin crew this section seemed quite brief. The idea of putting a big sheet of paper on the table and each person writing their own thoughts was a good idea, rather than spending time splitting in to groups and then deciding who does what round a small free standing flip chart.

We only covered grooming and dress briefly, This was good because I was not looking forward to this section, I thought it would be patronizing, however, it was handled in a competent and tactful manner.

The team building exercise was fun and challenging. We were allowed to move to a smaller table so we could all reach and see clearly.I won’t give to much away, but was certainly an improvement on the normal ‘build a tower with newspaper and sellotape’.

The next task was a balloon task. We were given tips on how best to organize the group. (Always appoint a time keeper and note taker). This encouraged debate and allowed us all to show our problem solving and debating skills. Sarah and Leigh observed this session and provided feedback for us all.

The map work was next. Again this was well prepared and fun. This involved matching flags and capital cities to their countries. We were encouraged to take a picture of the completed map. Sarah said she would email every one a completed copy of the map and maybe a world one as well because it is important that you can recognize flags and capital cities as part of the geography part of the selection day.

We then completed another balloon task. We were encouraged to take part and have a different person feed back to the group. This was completely different to the first balloon task and we were given advice on things to mention, should we be given a similar task on the day.

After lunch, we had a debate. This was cleverly done. We were provided with a list of controversial topics and then we were given 5 minutes to read the list and add some of our own. We then had to pick an issue to debate. Sarah and Leigh both became involved, and interrupted the debate with real time updates and tips for us to improve the quality of our participation.

Another really useful part of the day, was looking at application forms. This was done in a more useful and interesting way than I have ever seen before. We were asked to give OK words  such as ‘good’ and ‘try’ and then we were asked to replace  them with better words and phrases, I now know how to get rid of the word ‘I’ in a personal statement or in the first paragraph of a CV.

We also looked at interview questions. Again it was very useful to have practice of the dreaded question, “What are your weaknesses?”

There was enough diversity of tasks to keep the day interesting.

Overall a great day. I think that going on this course will greatly improve your chances of success in any interview or application process.

I  think that this course would be very easily adapted to all job seekers, not just in the cabin crew or emergency services industries, so if you are applying for jobs, this course is well worth a look.

Best of luck to all at First Class Crew Training.


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