DESMOND….not the 80s sit com

As the DESMONDS in the title is  not the the 80s sit com based on a barber shop, (I fondly recall the show, sitting with my family laughing at the character called Pork-Pie) what is it?




Management for

Ongoing and



About the course, it is 2 sessions with a diabetic nurse and dietitian, it is attended by about 10 diabetics and their carers or a friend/relative.  (My husband came with me, because he does all the cooking, aren’t I the lucky one?)

So, what did I get out of the course, if anything? I learned about insulin resistance and about visceral fat and the damage this can do.

I learned about the different types of fat in food and which are good fats and bad fats and which impacts the different body fats. This is interesting stuff.

Well, I started writing this post a while ago, but at the minute, I am finding it hard to concentrate and motivate myself to be brave enough to post my thoughts and feelings.

Whats been happening since my last post and the start of this post. I have been for a couple of interviews, nothing doing though. Stressing about my doctors appointment on Monday. I don’t know if i should be pushing to stay off work a bit longer, I am not sure how I will cope with the pressure of call after call, while at home I feel OK some of the time, I still have bad days without the pressure of work.

My cholesterol has gone up even though I have achieved my half stone award at Slimming World. My group have been lovely and supportive.

I am sat staring at my computer. Not sure what to write or where to go from here.

Does anyone else with depression feel like this? I feel drained from the constant battling in my head. Every word I type or say or even think is judged before before it is released in to sphere of reality. Not sure where I am going with this, but feel the need to get this out there. So let me apologise for the disjointed nature of this post.

On that note, will leave this post and maybe get my head in to gear later and start fresh with a witty and informative post.



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