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I haven’t done much towards my new career lately. This is set to change. I have some reading planned in for over the weekend and I   may draft my first article.

How am I feeling today? Well, work is still getting me down. I just think it should be more about quality rather than quantity. Emotionally and mentally, this leaves me drained, because I am getting coached on how to avoid giving full and frank explanations to our customers. One of the great tips I was given today, was not to pause when talking to the customer – I am like most other call centre drones and I am HUMAN! I  need to pause for breath when talking on the phone or I will get breathless, (that would make for a whole different type of call). The manager who was coaching me,  saw this untimely (before I died) pause for breath as a chance for the customer to question the amount of refund she was due, which was less than she expected due to the inclusion of a cancellation fee. On the plus side, my quality is excellent, it’s just a shame I must have my quality coached out of me to achieve productivity.

I was looking for a topic that was not me to write about and I came across this blog on Freshly Pressed Ponder This: Ethics Vs Art.

I have had a similar, long running (although friendly) debate with a now sadly missed very dear friend. The subjects of our discussions were not on such a serious issue as the one raised here, I would argue (rather pointlessly) about the difference between art and craft.

Anyway, I digress, my original reason for posting a comment on this blog, is I have very strong opinions on the way images of victims of disasters are used to sensationalize news stories. Do we really need pictures of seriously hurt children and adults to prove there were casualties in bombings or natural disasters?

I absolutely  believe that the media has its place in  ensuring that news and information reaches the masses, so we can make informed choices about lifestyle, political and social issues and give aid and support where it’s needed. I cannot however, agree with the use of these images when it is clear that the people involved are not able to provide consent to their image being used in this way. If it was me, I would not want my image to be used in this way, I would be heart-broken if some one used an image of me on a stretcher in a news story.

Rant over.

On a lighter note, I have just watched Wonders of Life, with professor Brian Cox. No, he was not in my living room with me, I meant he was in the program.  The introduction of the program said he was going to investigate the elements that made life on earth possible. I looked at my husband and said “if he does not mention fairy dust, he lies” My husband was not amused. I laughed. I think, he thought, I was serious!

Night night one and all.

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Work – AKA Call Centre Hell

This morning I started my day by reading some blogs. I identified with this one. The Secret Diary Of A Call Centre. I have worked in 2 different call centres over the last 8 years or so. For the last 2 years I have been on constant development plans for my call stats. It’s hard for people who have not experienced this type of work to imagine the feeling of utter hopelessness you can descend into while chained to your desk (with your headset, not literally chains, although, I am sure if some of our Team Leaders thought they could get away with it…..). It is soul-destroying as an agent to be one of those who spends their day at work wishing that the people who call me would hurry up and get off the phone. I am on a development plan you know! Especially, when I started this type of work to engage with people. One of the things we are judged on in our quality assessments is building report, yet we are to have an average talk time of less than 3 minutes 30 per call. I am planning my escape!

Now I guess its time for me to shed some light on my thoughts on a topical topic.

I have been torn about whether or not to write about Margaret Thatcher’s funeral. Trouble is, I am not sure where I would start. So many issues, so little space on the World Wide Web to write about them. Lets make a list of my top three internal debates:

1: To protest or Not to Protest? that is the question. Although I absolutely agree with the right to protest about any issue at any time, I cannot help but feel a little disturbed about protesting at a funeral. I mean, it’s not going to change the policies she forced on us. It’s not going to reopen any of the mines she closed, nor is it going to cure the rickets that now abound in this country because she took the free milk from school children in the 80s. She is still a mother and grandmother whose family will want to mourn in peace. Doesn’t every family deserve the time to say goodbye to their loved ones? It wasn’t her children and grandchildren that made the big mistakes in politics.

2: Cost? Should we, the tax paying public pay for her funeral? I can see both sides. I did not agree with her politics, however she was the first female Prime Minister. As a country, we are pretty much broke, yet we find money for people who do not work and are worried that they might have to move house as the benefits they receive may no longer cover their rent. Well my husband and I both work full-time and both earn below the national average, if we had a choice we wouldn’t live in the area we are in now. On a plus side to having a ceremonial funeral in London, as macabre as it sounds, it will bring the tourists out in force. Boom day for the shops and transport links in London, think of the extra money that could be made on the congestion charge alone.

3: Celebrate the life of an iconic Briton….Or not. Does she deserve the pomp and ceremony that this funeral will provide? I can’t decide.  There are so many different reasons for and against. Was she the most successful British feminist? Or  did she damage the feminist movement by abandoning all the attributes considered feminine in order to succeed in a male orientated world, thus proving, that to be the most successful politician you have to adopt male traits and disregard what it is to be female? Then again, who is to say what male and female attributes are, because this has changed greatly since her heyday in the 80s anyway.

Love her or hate her,  she has certainly left her mark on British history for better or worse you decide.

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(This was supposed to have been posted yesterday, but I had computer issues and gave up)

Blogging has become my new obsession. I am either reading blogs, writing blogs or looking at my blog stats. I have found little time to spend on my career development goals. Who knew that there were so many weird and wonderfully interesting people online?

I am referring back to a blog I meant to comment on a while ago, but got side tracked and then ultimately forgot. I can’t remember the name or author, but it did get me thinking.  It may have been on the depression questions I included as further reading? Anyway the topic is inspirational music, and do you make time to listen to it? I went straight to my Cyndi Lauper CD A Night To Remember. I spent many a night in my teenage years screeching along to one of my favourite songs of all time “insecurious“. A more current song that I found amazing is Tim Minchin “Not Perfect” I had forgotten the dramatic affect music can have on your mood.

I am going to  investigate how to write a good article


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Under Pressure

I am having a rest evening from teaching my self SEO today.

I have been at the day job 9-5 and will be again tomorrow. There is little joy left in my day job because of the pressure of achieving my call and email statistics.

I  fail to understand the acceptance of mistakes as long as the call and email quantity is there, although I appreciate the need for a business to ensure that the staff they are paying, are doing the job they are paid for and not just lazing around.

In a recent counseling session, I found that its OK to have the need to off load. This is a great step forward for me.

On the positive side, went out for a walk on my lunch today, that means every day I have had an hour lunch this week, I have been out for a walk.  I think this helps my mood and is a great coping strategy for the stress of call center work.

I forgot to mention , this week I have lost 1/2 lb at Slimming Word. This make a total of 4lb. Every half pound counts! only 3 more to go until I have that first half stone award.

Going to the pictures tonight, will update tomorrow if we see anything good.

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An interesting read Social Media: Age Doesn’t Matter

Social Media: Age Doesn’t Matter.

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I have just read an article called finger on the trigger. It’s a thought-provoking blog on the links between every day life and weight issues, which in turn develop in to a myriad of illnesses from Anorexia, Diabetes, Polycysitic Ovary Syndrome and Depression.

I am really just starting on the journey of identifying triggers for comfort eating. I don’t have anorexia or bulimia, I have been fortunate enough to avoid these conditions. However, I do have other weight related illnesses. (Diabetes and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) I have recently been reading a lot of blogs and finding that regardless of the name of your weight related condition a lot of the feelings and triggers are similar. I would not dream to say they are the same, because we are all different.

I am finding reading and writing blogs a superb outlet and would recommend it for anyone.

I haven’t forgotten about my leap into the world of SEO.  Last night I learned how to make use of  anchor text in a blog. Can you spot this?

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A little more than a comment.

I have read a blog this morning I thought I would leave a short and snappy comment. However I was so inspired by what I had read my comment ended up being  quite a long message.

I don’t know that I binge as such, but I am very overweight. I sometimes see my food as an addiction, often liking it to the illness of alcoholism or drug addiction. When I see it like this, I feel very hard done by. It’s not fair, If you are addicted to drink or fags or drugs there are replacement therapies that help you avoid these addictions. When you feel like you are addicted to food you cannot avoid it. You have to eat. This makes an easy excuse.

I had a light bulb moment in one of my recent counselling sessions. It’s not so much about being addicted to food that’s the problem, or even needing to avoid food, like an alcoholic would avoid alcohol. It’s about eating all the wrong types of food.

Portion control certainly plays a part and this is something I do struggle with. But I also identify with a lot of the emotions mention by Lori.

Another light bulb moment that I had yesterday was the impact of my job on my overall wellbeing. The fact that the company that I work for and I have a different ethos means we are incompatible. I had to accept that this was not about my competency. It’s just we have different priorities in our ways of working. It has spurred me on to keep up with the learning a new career in my spare time.

I have started blogging and learning SEO (search engine optimisation). Although some days I have no energy and want to stay hidden from the world, I have managed to find an interest that is engaging, stimulating and a great outlet for my ideas and thoughts.

Can I just say Thank You WordPress. I have used your proof reader and found all the grammar and spelling mistakes that I missed on my original post.

Gosh this is all a bit deep for 7:30 in the morning

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